Course Overview


Discover the importance of Hip Hop pedagogy. Begin your professional development here as Chen Lo and Asante Amin discuss the wide-ranging Black music that has directly inspired present-day hip hop. Featuring Dr. Constance McKoy. Approximately one (1) hour of professional development. Key content conversations:

  • Sankofa
  • West African Origins
  • Cultural Signifiers
  • Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
  • Congo Square, New Orleans
  • Diverse genres of music
  • and much more

How to Use These Materials

This curriculum is designed for educators to gain a solid foundation in the genre and practice of hip hop. Chen Lo and Asante teach the content directly to you, requiring you to do the same activities students will be completing. While Chen Lo and Asante can be examples, you are the best and most accessible example to your students in demonstrating how to be vulnerable in experimenting with an unfamiliar practice.

There are two distinct avenues of learning:

  1. Professional Development Track: The curriculum contains approximately (1) hour of professional development. Each module is self-paced and has content that can quickly be applied to developing your own curriculum for your students.
  2. Co-Teaching Track: Chen Lo and Asante are your co-teachers as you learn alongside your students. Complete the professional development yourself and then use the "Lesson Snapshot" videos to quickly curate content directly for student engagement.

Course Features

  • A 1-hour on-demand video lecture
  • Virtual performance
  • Historical viewpoints
  • Short Story Vignettes
  • Global Musical Soundbites

Guiding Questions

  • What comes to mind when you think of hip hop? Does that view or perspective impact the way you see students who listen to hip hop?
  • How is hop hop culturally responsive?

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